• Various global personalities in the world like those belonging to entertainment industry, top-class business executives, entrepreneurs and bigwigs of corporate world are under constant threat from unscrupulous individuals. Such malicious individuals are an imminent danger to their life, assets and even for their families and thus, the high profile businessmen and VIPs need highly efficient security services from a renowned agency. Ashenoff and Associates is one such investigative and consulting agency that employs reliable and trusted professionals who believe in providing comprehensive legal and security support to their clients.

    Their executive protection (proteccion a ejecutivos) program is well structured and carefully synchronized which involves providing complete physical protection and full security to the client against all possible threats. These professionals take care of all the travel arrangements and security logistics activities for their VIP clients and keep them updated with all decisive plans and relevant details.

    Ashenoff and Associates provides a wide range of investigative and security consulting services like covert operations and surveillance, due diligence investigations, corporate investigations, security engineering and surveys as well as litigation support. For conducting successful trial preparation, complete knowledge of facts and figures plays an essential role. Ashenoff's litigation support Florida services for the pretrial information is completely reliable and more satisfactory than information received by customary discovery. Their services are less expensive and are more efficient than all their competitors. With the paralegal services offered by Ashenoff and Associates, the attorney can gather facts under the lawsuit and analyze the evidence, identify and locate the witness and also can move forward with polygraph examinations, when needed.

    The agency has an experience of more than 30 years in providing the best possible security and investigative consultancy to all their valuable clients. They offer a wide range of consultant services including, due diligence investigations, background investigations, corporate investigation and many more. They avail you amazing consultation services for workers compensation investigation and asset search. Thorough investigation will be required after frequent compensation claims by workers to ignore any wrong payment of benefits, either by employer or by the insurer. Their service in the field includes interviews, physical surveillance, still photography coverage and other standard activities check of claimant.

    Ashenoff and Associates is one of the most promising investigating and security consultancy services that suffice all your needs in the related stream. They avail you with the most reliable and trustworthy services that are legally certified and are an assurance towards your optimum security and protection.

    For more information, please visit ashenoff.com.

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